Announcement from Surlingham Garage

I would like to thank the village and beyond for the support that my business, Surlingham Garage, has received over the last 29 years.

When I look back, at the age of 21, I must have been crazy(!) standing in a Bank Manager’s office asking for a loan to buy a closed, run down village garage – what was I thinking?

My luck though must have been in, as he lent me the money. Peter Rob (NatWest Bank) – his name I will remember forever.

Over the years, the garage has performed amazingly due to the hard work and effort of the fantastic staff I have been lucky to have had working for me and I hope I have been a decent person to work for.

At the end of this week, I will be handing over ownership of Surlingham Garage to Neil Evans before leaving the UK mid March for an exciting new chapter of adventure.

Neil first came to my workshop on work experience as a 15 year old from Hobart High School.  He seemed ideal, so I offered him an apprenticeship if he wanted it when he left school, which thankfully he took me up on.

18 years on, Neil knows modern cars extremely well, probably better than me now, and is going to take on the business with experience, excitement and enthusiasm.

He’s got a fantastic team around him with Stephen (workshop) and Donna and Carol (office). 

All contact details will be staying the same so, if you have a car problem, he will be very pleased to look after you.

Wishing you all the best

Kevin Priest

Information received from Surlingham Garage

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