Parish Council Draft Minutes 15 February 2022

Minutes of the meeting held 15 February 2022

Present: Councillors John Broom, Dave Swinborne, Phil Reeve, Janet Rogers Parish Clerk, County and District Councillor Vic Thomson and three members of the public.

  1. Welcome by the Chairman Councillor Broom – Councillor Broom opened the meeting
  2. Apologies and approval of absences – Apologies received from Councillors Atkins and Scowen
  3. Declarations of Interest – None
  4. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 18 January 2022 – Approved (Typing error item 8 (2) amend RSPB to read EA)
  5. Matters arising from those minutes – Item 5 School Field receipt of request for meeting with NCC has been acknowledged by NCC. Item 8 1) flooding in Covey landowner advised PC responsibility NCCs, Clerk notified NCC. 3) SAMs volunteers – further request made for meeting with NCC – to date no reply. Item 9 Emailed thanks to RSPB and offered litter pick funds to help with cost of repairs – to date no reply. Item 10 Chair trolley installed. Store needs reorganising.
  6. Progress report for information on items not on the agenda: Chairman/Councillors/Clerk – Councillor Atkins had checked the sluice at FP1 where it enters Church Marsh – No obvious issues will monitor the situation. Councillor Thomson has chased outstanding work to FP1 following Councillor Atkins query re delays/trips and falls. Councillor Atkins noted Postwick marshes flood badly recently, but the EA work had not made the situation worse for Surlingham. *Flood water did enter a property on Ferry Road. Exacerbated by vehicles driving too fast through the water. Clerk – SPATS Councillors will be aware that Kevin Priest will be leaving the village this month. Kevin has for several years administered the Surlingham Transport Scheme. The new proprietor of the garage has agreed that applications can continue to be left at the garage and a resident in the village has volunteered to take over the administration. Can I ask the councillors to offer a vote of thanks to Kevin and wish him well in his new venture? Agreed – Councillors offered their gratitude for all that Kevin has done for the village. They were sorry to see him leave and wished him well with his new venture. Thanks – Members of Surlingham Parochial Church Council (PCC) thanked the Parish Council for donating the proceeds of the auction of the BT box to the restoration project. Confirmation was also received that the PCC would fund 50% of the cost of repairs to the War Memorial. This was reinforced by a member of the PCC attending the meeting.
  7. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor – Norfolk Flood Alliance – Unfortunately Surlingham has not been included in the 2nd group. Councillor Thomson continues to push for Surlingham’s inclusion. Riverbank Footpath repairs – Although, it looks like we have CIL money to fund the repairs it will not be officially confirmed until March. Dan Hoare has replaced Lewis as Broads Authority representative. He is catching up with the project and working with NCC. Refuse Collections – Missed Bins? The quickest way to report a missed bin is via this link.
  8. Public Question Time 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting – A member of the SAMs group confirmed the machine had been on The Green for almost 4 weeks and would then be turned to face the opposite direction before being moved to Mill Road. There was consensus that the machine is most effective by moving it around the village. Clerk asked for a copy of the data and suggested posting it on County Councillor Thomson also requested a copy from the Clerk.
  9. Correspondence. 1) Donation requests Norfolk Citizens Advice, Priscilla Bacon Hospice. A decision on donations was deferred to the next meeting. 2) A request for further SAM machine. See item 8 and Councillors did not consider a further machine, if permitted would make any difference. However, Councillors are grateful that the group have taken on the task of moving the machine and would lobby the relevant authorities if evidence of excessive speeding is gathered. 3) How can residents have a choice in where their council tax monies are spent? It is the Parish Council’s responsibility to make those decisions on behalf of the residents. The precept is set by Councillors based on what is required to cover the cost of running the Parish. Bring suggestions to the Council by attending meetings or join the Council. Seven Councillors are elected every four years and there are currently two vacancies with currently one expression of interest.  
  10. Finance – Payments – R Hardingham £126.67, J Rogers £371.21, ESE Direct Ltd £520.98, Information Commissioners Office Subscription £35, ZOOM £14.39. Plumbing spares for Hall WC £10.43,
  11. Date of next meeting 15 March 2022

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