Farm Shop Thefts

Dear Customers

We have been made aware via comments and from our in-store CCTV that there have been several thefts of late within our Farm Shop. Notably by children both making underpayments for items and stealing handfuls of change from the change tin.

Our little farm shop is based purely on trust, and it is very sad that these few are ruining this experience for others, especially when we know many other children will be utterly blameless and will be sensibly using the shop for themselves and/or shopping for their parents.

Being unattended as it is means we can keep the shop open for longer hours, adding a convenience to you and creating a trusted and unique shopping experience. We would potentially be looking at being able to employ someone to help grow, improve, and staff the shop at some stage in the future, but thefts make these goals much harder to achieve.

We have no intentions to be naming and shaming/ posting names and images, rather we simply ask parents to continue to make their children aware that this is unacceptable behaviour. We have CCTV cameras up in the shop and all over the farm site as well as signs announcing this. If theft continues, we will first have to try only allowing under 18’s in the shop if accompanied by an adult. This is not something we would wish to do as it goes against the spirit of the shop and what it is about, but we would be left with no other option if things carry on as they are.

Our aim is to create a convenient and safe place to stock up on essential items as well as the wonderful local produce that is on offer. Stealing not only affects us, but also those who supply us who rely on such outlets to sell their produce.

May we take this opportunity to again thank you for your continued support. We are incredibly grateful for your custom over the last few years since the shop opened and simply wanted to make you aware of the situation/predicament we are in as it cannot carry on as it is without us having to make changes to the way people shop or may even lead to an eventual closure of the shop altogether.

Do please get in touch with us if you have any suggestions/questions.

On a different note we have just had a fresh coat of tarmac placed on our drive!

The Fish Van will be with us this Thursday 23rd Feb 2023 1:30PM until 3PM and then will have a week off on Thursday 2nd March and then back again as normal on Thursday 9th March. Will remind closer to the time also.

Kindest regards

Yare Valley Farm Shop

NR14 7GD

01508 538206

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