No Mow May

With spring rapidly greening up gardens, we ask you once again to think about making that little bit of difference to local wildlife by leaving areas of your lawn or front verge unmown for the month of May

We’ve lost nearly 97% of flower rich meadows since the 1970’s and with them a vital food source for pollinators, like bees and butterflies. A healthy lawn with some long grass and wildflowers benefits wildlife, tackles pollution and can even lock away carbon below ground – and best of all, to reap these benefits all you have to do is to leave your mower in the shed!

With over 20 million gardens in the UK, even the smallest grassy patches add up to a significant proportion of our land which, if managed properly, can deliver enormous gains for nature, communities and the climate. The charity Plantlife is calling for people to get involved with #NoMowMay and let wild plants get a head start on the summer. For more information follow this link, which has resources and has some printable posters you can display on your shaggy lawns to let people know you’re doing your bit for the bees!

Information received from Cathy Terry

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