Pie Night at Coldham Hall Tavern – this Friday

Friday night is Pie Night! Come to Coldham Hall this Friday (25th November). Any of our pies for £10!

Information received from Dawn Tetley

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10% OFF brownie wreath orders – Black Friday offer!

BLACK FRIDAY TREAT!…Pre-order your Christmas dessert now & get 10% OFF. Deal ends Monday 28th!!!

These brownie wreaths are a celebratory, centrepiece dessert. I guarantee it will be a delicious crowdpleaser!

A layer of our hugely popular, melt-in-the-mouth brownie, is iced with a ring of pillowy frosting and individually decorated with homemade chocolates, sweets and gingerbread.

Available in 4 different flavours:

  • Hazelnut creme (hazelnut creme & toasted nuts brownie, topped with hazelnut frosting)
  • Chocolate orange (orange & chocolate chip brownie, topped with orange frosting)
  • Biscoff & Ginger (crystallized ginger, biscoff swirl brownie, with biscoff frosting)
  • Winter berries (raspberry, cranberry & white chocolate brownie, with white chocolate frosting)

~2 sizes available; the 8” wreath (serves 12-16) £25 each / 6” wreath (serves 8-10) £15 each. 10% off, black friday offer lasts until Monday 28th November!

~Free delivery within 7-mile radius of Surlingham, Norfolk. £1 remainder South Norfolk, £2 North Norfolk.

~Available from 16th Dec – 1st Jan.

~Order anytime, via email eatscrumptious@yahoo.com or message on Facebook or Instagram.

All treats are vegan! ALLERGENS: all wreaths contain GLUTEN & SOYA, ‘hazelnut creme‘ also contains NUTS, ‘orange‘, ‘biscoff‘ and ‘berry‘ also contains SULPHUR DIOXIDE. Please see our allergen disclaimer before ordering.

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Off the Page at Christmas – Thursday 15th December, Bramerton Village Hall

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Portuguese Weekend at Teles Patisserie

After the lovely Sunday everyone had and after a lot of interest on this, we are bringing a true Winter Portuguese Warming Food!
Grilled Portuguese Chorizo, rustic bread, roasted chestnuts and Portuguese Spiced Red Wine at £18 pp.

Should you wish to come on Saturday afternoon or Sunday please let us know. Take away is also possible.

Don’t forget Yare Valley Farm Shop is also well stocked for your special time of the year!

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Parish Council – Draft Minutes 15 November 2022

Surlingham Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held 15 November 2022

Present: Councillors Richard Atkins, John Broom, Pat Scowen, Dave Swinborne, Martin White, Pam Wilson, Parish Clerk Janet Rogers, and one parishioner. County and District Councillor Thomson joined the meeting later.

  1. Welcome by the Chairman – The Chairman opened the meeting.
  2. Apologies and approval of absences – Councillor Reeve
  3. Declarations of Interest – none
  4. Councillor White to complete Declaration of Acceptance – Signed and witnessed by the Clerk.
  5. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 18 October 2022 – Approved
  6. Matters arising from those minutes – Item 6 AWA – Flush drains when there is a blockage. Item 11 Land Registry paperwork for pond handed to Councillor Atkins. Item 14 Sapientia has been informed the electricity cost will increase from 1 March 2023 when the current fixed contract ends.
  7. Progress report for information on items not on the agenda: Clerk – Correspondence – An email from a parishioner regarding the road works on Mill Road and the subsequent road closures, had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting. NCC notified the Clerk on Friday several days after the closure. NCC Street Works Engineer confirmed this was an emergency Network UK closure; the utilities are exempt from the required three months’ notice to NCC of a planned road closure in the event of an emergency. They are also responsible for informing the contractors where to place the signs. The signs’ confirmed businesses were open as usual. With emergency closures there is no time to have more specific signs made.
  8. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor – The reports cover information on Warm Rooms and the services available at local libraries. SNDC recycling app, Update on the work of the Fire and Rescue Service, Council Tax Consultation, Message from Lord Dannett and the Flood Alliance, Bird Flu, Adult learning, and much more. See the full reports on Surlingham.org.
  9. Public question time – 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting. A parishioner was informed by cyclists riding down the footpaths that they were logging routes on an app called Kamoot to promote them to other cyclists, walkers.
  10. Parish Hall – Discuss and agree heating action plan. Repair the broken heater and remove the broken one – Agreed. Discussion continued regarding improving the energy efficiency of the hall. Councillor Scowen has contacted the Local Enterprise Hub for information and the clerk will contact Sapientia to see if they can offer any advice.
  11. Planning – a) Revised Retrospective Planning Application 2022/1505 51A The Street – Erection of annexe and store. Councillor Scowen and the clerk will submit a further response objecting to the application. b) Planning Enforcement – Councillor Atkins had been contacted regarding a planning application that is not progressing. Councillor Thomson was passed the details to follow-up.
  12. Village Pond and Staithe maintenance plan – Pond – Councillor Atkins offered to use a brush cutter/strimmer to cut the grass down around the pond. In the new year the reed can be pulled out and parishioners invited to help remove it. Staithe – is silted up and in need of dredging again. An amount will be included in the budget which will be set aside each year to cover the cost and an application made to the Church & Poor charity for support – Agreed
  13. Finance – a) Authorise Payments – R Hardingham £126.67, J Rogers £562.33, Orange Fox Ltd £111.59, St Mary’s PCC £250, Surlingham Primary School £250, NALC £72. Retrospective Payments – Amazon Paper Hand Towels £28.49.  b) Agree Budget 2023/24 – Agreed. Agree the increase to the precept for 2023/24. The decision was to increase the Parish proportion of the Council Tax by £5.57 per annum for Band D properties – Agreed
  14. Approve the Employment Policy – Agreed
  15. Date of next meeting 20 December 2022 Meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.
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Murder mystery evening!

Watch the radio drama performed, cross examine the suspects and then decide who did it! 

A light hearted murder mystery evening with cheese and wine.    

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Rockland Surgery, re-opening in the afternoons

I am pleased to advise that we will be re-opening the surgery at Rockland St Mary again in the afternoons from Monday 12th December.

Our staffing pressures and challenges have resolved! We will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday again from 2.30pm to 5pm, as well as our regular morning sessions from 8.30am to 12noon on those days.

We appreciate the support from parishioners during this challenging time for us. 

Information received from Gary Whiting at Heathgate Medical Practice

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Fish Van and Hampers

Just a quick note to say sadly the fish van can’t be with us this week on Thurs 24th Nov 2022, but should be back again next Thurs 1st Dec 2022!

The Farm Shop and Teles Patisserie will be open as normal. The shop has got lots of Christmas gifty ideas and stacked to the rafters with all sorts of food for the big day and beyond… and before. Our latest batch of beef is now in the stand up freezer with a wide variety of cuts available such as rump, sirloin, flat iron, fillet, different types of roasting joints and much much more.

We will be putting our hampers in the shop for purchasing from tomorrow. Simply grab your hamper as you come in (price on the hamper) then go around the shop and put in it what you would like and then add it all up at the check out. Comes with wrapping and even a bow so you can make the most thoughtful of gifts – your own bespoke hamper for a loved one!

Also we even have a 30% discount available online only at http://www.yarevalleyoils.co.uk by using the code ‘early’ at checkout to get this discount available on all of our products. But do hurry as the discount runs out at midnight tomorrow 22/11/22!

With the egg situation ongoing we do have some still in stock and hopefully some more on way tomorrow, but do ask so everyone gets a pack that you are please sensible with what you take as we sold nearly a weeks worth last week in a day. There are so many eggs the poor chickens can lay.

If there is anything you ever want to see in the shop just drop us a line at info@yarevalleyoils.co.uk and we will see what we can do… within reason 🙂

Have a wonderful week all x

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