What’s green, local and smells of mint?

Pop into Yare Valley Farm Shop and look right for the answer…

We’re delighted that wild water-mint tea, grown locally on Alderfen Marshes in Surlingham, is now available at Yare Valley Farm Shop as loose-leaf tea, in convenient tea bags or mixed with wild nettle for a rich, earthy twist.

Why is it green? … (other than the obvious)

  • The mint grows naturally on Alderfen Marshes, thriving in the freshwater tidal environment, enabling us to produce tea sustainably from naturally growing plants. The mint is cut (by hand!) during Autumn conservation work, enhancing the diverse wetland habitat.
  • If food-miles are your thing this clocks in at one mile from production to farm shop. Commercial mint tea commonly comes from Morocco (Marakech to Surlingham is 1983 miles)


About alderfenmarshes

Alderfen Marshes offers wild camping, canoeing and rural skills workshops on the Norfolk Broads
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