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May we thank everyone for their continued support of the shop.

Now that people are using cards more than ever we do continue to ask that min payment on the card machine is £10. It has always been this ever since we opened and is written on the card machine, but never has it been more important to stress as our margins in the shop are small and we are charged for every transaction.

We have also noticed a lot of joggers and walkers about here on the farm. We must stress that this is not a thoroughfare and is to be used for people using the patisserie and farm shop, especially in these times as it can lead to over crowding of the footpath and road entrance which can make those using the facilities uneasy to have to be dodging joggers etc. We of course want to promote a sense of community and have been so grateful for your support of our small businesses and know that coming use the shop and the patisserie is a wonderful way to combine your daily exercise and essential food shop in one go. We just need to think of  and be considerate towards others as much as possible please.

We had one jogger earlier run right through the back farm yard. I could not shout a warning as she had her headphones in. This is so so very dangerous. We can not allow the public in this area through the large gates off of The Covey and it is clearly signed as such as there is a lot heavy farm machinery about. We have never allowed anyone through that part of the farm.

Thank you to those who use the farm facilities sensibly and continue to do so. If there is anything we can get for you in the shop that you are after please put a note in the comments tray in the shop and we will see what we can do.


Even better news…. we have just had lots and lots of flour and dried yeast in today!


Happy shopping from the farm and love to you all


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