Letter of thanks from the Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government 

Clerks comment- This letter was sent to the Parish Council. However, I feel it is appropriate to also direct it to the volunteers and the communty as a whole.

To: All who serve on Parish and Town Councils

You have a proud tradition of supporting your communities and this has been especially evident during this pandemic.

Within days of the social distancing guidance starting, many of you had created volunteer registers and were reaching out to those in need through social media, leaflets, posters, and through the work of your clerk.

Many of you are ensuring that residents in need can get support night and day through a dedicated mobile number. You have been supporting those who most need it by delivering medicines, essentials and even walking dogs or buying newspapers. This means that those who most need to be home at the moment don’t feel alone.

The fantastic way in which our parish and town councils have responded to the challenge of coronavirus across the country is a testament to the unique and cherished position you occupy within our local government family.

You are coming up with creative ways to help your communities; this work is appreciated across the nation, and also inspiring others to get involved and help their own communities.

It is vital that you are able to continue the incredible work you are doing, and on behalf of the communities across the country I thank you all.

Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

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