Shop: Foccacia Recipe and Whats in!


Check out the Foccacia recipe! For any incorrect spellings of Focaciaiacaa please send them in stamped envelope to… gosh… I have forgotten the address.


So so so much in this weekend including lots of fab Fathers Day ideas. Do not even get me started on whether Fathers Day needs an apostrophe or not. We have BBQ ideas, salads, veg, eggs, potatoes, meats, oils, fish, strawbs, rasps, flour, kitchen cupboard essential, wild boar, venison, chicken, ice cream and much much more.

Either way, looking past the bad grammar and terrible spelling as always, big waves and love to you all, happy shopping, and whatever you do this weekend, may it be fab and full of joy.


Love from farm. Open as usual as well as the Patisserie



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