Farm Shop and Fish Van this week… plus a load of old twaddle…

Well, those nights are drawing in and it is getting a bit cooler out there… It is time for cosy nights in with winter warming dishes and TV binges. Well… that’s if you are lazy like me because we all know that even though this is part of the charm of Autumn/Winter, getting out and about is also so important for our physical and mental health.

It is drummed into us on Social Media, T.V, Print and all other means of communication. The irony being we sit there in our pants and ice cream stained t-shirts nodding mechanically at the endless cycles of invigorating ‘Wheat Grass’ Smoothies and influences who wake as though they have just come off a cat walk and just can’t seem to find that perfect selfie angle, no matter how many pictures they take.

That fuse has to be lit and we are the only ones who can light it. Waking up all snug in your bed with that crisp air nipping at your nose screams hibernation.

‘No… I wont get up… you cant make me. Kate Moss ain’t got nothing on me! I’m not getting out of bed for less than a million pounds.’

Well, if like me you are not Kate Moss there is so much out and around the farm shop and beyond to explore. A walk can cure a thousand aches.. and a large piece of chocolate cake at the Patisserie can undo all that in a slab of gooey goodness.

Life is indeed about balance, but what makes us human is knowing we will never find that true equilibrium.

But what I am basically trying to say in all seriousness is… come to the farm shop and patisserie and spend all your hard earned money.

Alec returns to set up shop outside the Farm Shop tomorrow Thursday 13th October 10am until 2pm with his wonderful array of fabulous fish. I like many others find it easy to get stuck in to the routine of eating the familiar. The cod, the salmon and a few prawns here and there, but the choice of fish that we often overlook is vast (especially as an island nation), and with someone like Alec there to ask about new fish in regards to taste, prep and uses it really is helpful. Not only does it mean we put less stress on certain species, but also we open a whole new world of culinary experiences. Not to mention the reasonable prices and excellent fresh quality

I had never tried halibut or skate before Alec turned up and to be honest and they have now both become two of my favourite fishies.

With Halloween fast approaching we enter yet another opportunity in the quieter season for the retailer to squeeze a few extra pennies from you. ‘In my day’ Halloween was a distant cough from America with the only signs of it being the occasional egg being hurled at your front door from uniformed kids who had forgotten or had lost in translation the ‘treat’ part of the option.

Whether you like it or not, in a time not long after a world pandemic (whether you believe we are out of the woods or not), it is hard to deny that if something can bring family and friends together for a bit of silly, harmless fun and to bring a bit of curiosity, creation and imagination back into the world it can’t be all that bad. Much like that Stag/Hen do to Las Vegas to celebrate the wedding of someone you once walked past in the school hall 30 years ago, it doesn’t matter that you had to remortgage your house for the cost of flights and the grand you put on Red because your friend had a ‘feeling’. It is about stages in life, about getting together, about celebrating for the sake of celebrating, whether we need an excuse or not, because without them where would we be other than endless particles sand hurling through the wind.

In the words of the Great Del Amitri:

‘And bachelors phone up their friends for a drink
While the married ones turn on a chat show
And they’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow.’

What I am basically trying to say it… give us your money…

We are looking at more rubs and cake mixes in the shop in the next week or two, because we all know nothing shouts excitement more than seasoning. There are mountains of pumpkins, oodles of ready meals, mountains of ice cream and chocolate, panfuls of vegetables… and a couple of eggs and pints of milk thrown in for good measure.

We are open everyday 8am until 9pm including Bank Holidays and weekends. Perfect for a shop or snack and Teles Patisserie are just round the corner for your nashing needs.

See you around you wonderful people you x

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